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Metric Century (100km) or Full Century Ride (100 miles)

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When it comes to setting goals, do you aim for the achievement of a metric century?

Or do you push the limits with a full century ride?

When was the last time you did either or?
I try to get atleast one metric in a weekend. the full century is a less often occurance, but as the weather comes in i will be moving my weekend metric to a weekend full
That's miserable. Only way I can justify a day that long is if I'm going somewhere.
It was fun but it sucked.

About 2 miles in, debris got in my eye. It bothered me the entire ride and gave me partial blindness for a few days after. It was pretty bad but turned out to only be a temporary problem. I forgot my safety glasses that day. Bad mistake.

It took a long time. Started in the dark, ended in the dark.

First century ride in 8 years, too!

I did it just to prove to myself I can do it :D

While I regret forgetting my safety glasses, I definitely don't regret doing the ride!

I'd like to do it again but on my gravel bike haha
If you want to get better engagement, at least occasionally, I'd recommend posting such a ride to Strava. It might even be cool to have a "Bike Southern Illinois" Strava club (it's free!)
I definitely post all my rides to Strava :) I think I have Southern Illinois Cycling or something on there as well.