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New Section, Feature Changes, and a BIG MILESTONE!

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Shawn Gossman

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Dec 18, 2023
Howdy Members,

I'm happy to bring some exciting news to you all.

New Section: Cycling for Beginners​

This new section is aimed at brand new cyclists or people wanting to learn more about getting started with cycling in our local region and beyond. You don't have to be from Southern Illinois to enjoy this forum, of course.

As a feature of this new section, I have made a deal with The Bike Surgeon of Southern Illinois. They joined the forum (@Bike Surgeon SOIL) and will act as our official Local Bike Shop Expert. They'll help answer questions for new riders and help them with their needs. In return, we will be promoting their business. Many of us frequent this store quite a bit. I know it's definitely my local bike shop.

Aside from the local bike shop expert, members of this forum may also chime in and help newcomers with their cycling questions and needs. We're a community after all and we're all trying to promote local cycling.

Please help us promote this new section by inviting your beginner cyclist and interested friends to join and ask questions if they need help. Word-of-mouth is the best way for us to grow this community after all.

Feature Changes​

I have removed a few features. I decided to discontinue the Sportsbook and Link Directory features. No one uses these features, and, in all honesty, we can do all of it on the main forum, instead. There is no reason to add extra tasks and make thigs more confusing.


Folks - we just hit 100 members! Yay! Big Milestone for the forum. Thank you to all of you for joining and using this forum. Let's make it even bigger and better!
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